Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter desserts!

A couple months ago our official baker of the house moved away, so now it is my job to try and take her place in the baking department. So, for this Easter I am going to attempt to make these adorable cupcakes!
                                                   toasted coconut nest egg cupcakes

these precious glitterery boiled eggs

and these cutsie bunnie face cupcakes!
So maybe, just maybe I will be able to pull it off this year without my big sis.
Everyone pray I don't make anyone sick because this is a very strong possibility. ;)


  1. Sounds like a fun project! You'll have to post pictures of the finished products. :D

  2. How cute! I love Easter stuff. :) I'm sure you will do a fantastic job, as usual! Just don't eat Cheerio's while doing it or anything, and you should be good... ;D

  3. No, I will NOT be eating any cheerios while making these because none of these recipes calls for Cheerios and if I eat them at least one of these foods will end up having Cheerios and milk in them, I am positively sure! :D

  4. Mmm, what yummy cuties! :D

    Haha! Cheerios... :)

  5. Josh eating a cupcake: "Wow Shelby, these cucakes are great and nobody got sick over th-" *plop* "Shelby! What have you done to Josh?!"

    Hehe...I'm just kiddin'. ;D I'm sure they were yummy and adorable because you made them. ;)