Monday, April 23, 2012

4-h Competition!

     Every year 4-h has Poultry Judging Competition in Tifton Ga.This is my second year doing it and I know it sounds absolutely disgusting but it really isn't! I promise. You probably won't eat chicken for a while after doing this, but you learn a lot and you get to find out what exactly you are eating when you compleatly devour that allready baked cake you just bought from the store! But I wont get into all those details! Anyways, this year the junior team (6-8 grade) won 7th place out of 16 teams in Georgia, and the senior team (9-12 grade) won 5th place in the state with one of our seniors winning 2nd high induvidual! So, we did alot better this year than last year since we got 9th place last year and 13th place the year before! It's was alot of fun eventhough some people thing i'm crazy for doing it, in the end I will probilly know alot more about chickens and eggs than they do! :)


  1. I thought of you the other day when I pulled the eggs out of the fridge and it said grade A. ;D I think it's really cool that you're learning that kind of stuff. It's best to know what you're eating then to scarf down who knows what!

  2. Hehe...the chicken contest. Good job! I know you have already taught us stuff from it as well, so you should be a pro the next time I see you! ;D