Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beach pictures!

This past week we went to Destin Florida to celebrate my sister and my uncle's birthday. Most of the time it is beautiful around now but instead of it being 80, this time it was 50 and 60. :( Even though it was cold we still have alot of fun. Here are a couple pictures from some of the things we did!

I'ts been a tradition in our family for years that every time we go to the beach we eat at whatabuger on the way there, and since we go to the same beach every time we have eaten at this Whataburger probably more than 50 times.
Me (left) and my awesome sis (right).
First day at the beach since 2011!
On the way to the mall to go shopping! :)
The huge and amazing Bass Pro Shop!
(sorry, not a great picture. It's all Whitneys fault. :p)
Watching the Grammys sunday night.
( Don't worry there is no alcohol in my wine glass)
Josh insisted on us going to see Star Wars in 3-D.
I really did not want to go, but he was paying so I thought I might as well! :)
Thats terrible, i'm such a mean sister.
But it really was alot of fun, even though it was Star Wars. 
Then on our last couple days there it got alot warmer and we were able to lay on the porch to tan and swim in the hot tub and the heated pool!  


  1. It looked like fun, even if it was very cold! The water looks so beautiful! But I guess it is Destin. ;)

  2. I love the pictures!

    What a beautiful beach. I would love to go the beach soon...

  3. I thought that smile from behind the Whataburger cup was me! So weird!

  4. Ha! I love it! "Even though it was Star Wars."
    But isn't everything better in 3-D?